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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 4, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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shoreman turn the barge and we will tell you why they did it. >> it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning everybody, i am pam cook. it is a little chilly this morning. a little chilly for me. >> well, i noticed it myself, pam. we have a strong sea breeze and a lot of low clouds marching inland, mainly 50s 60s and 70s, here is sal. traffic look good to walnut creek and caldecott tunnel to oakland and traffic continues to move along relatively well.
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highway 101 and sol -- sol alito looks okay and it caused one driver to lose control and that driver complained of chest pains but is okay. they are replacing a power poll after a driver was shot overnight. katie has more, live in east oakland, katie, this is not the only person shot in the gunfire? >> reporter: that is right, brian, a woman was also shot and she is currently at the hospital and pg&e is trying to restore power to this neighborhood and you can see a power pole which is suspended in the air and they said the car had to be going pretty quickly to sheer off that power
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poll and the driver was shot near maddux drive and brooksville village. he then hit a tree and branches hit live wires and those fell from above landed on the ground and possibly on the vehicle. di of gunshot wounds and the passenger as well was shot and i spoke with a neighbor who witnessed the gunfire. >> there was one gunshot and then all of a sudden rapid fire and it then a -- then a big boom, sounded like an explosion and i looked outside and it sounded like all the lights in the neighborhood went out and i was on the phone with 911 and i witnessed the gentleman on the driver's side not moving. >> reporter: the man i spoke with did not want to be identified because of the amount of recent gunfire in his
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neighborhood. it was a very scary scene too close to home and pg&e is trying to restore power to his home and no word on when that will happen and coming up on our next live report, i will have more pictures coming from last night's crash. ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are showing larger crime in the bay area's largest cities and they recorded higher levels of violent crime in 2012. in oakland crimes are up 20%. property crimes are up 6%. in san jose 279% -- 29%. and they also saw cell phone thefts. tara moriarty is there to explain why long shore men are trying to stop the barge from being loaded.
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>> yes, they were here confronting this barge. >>reporter: they say they are angry with their employer and  they are simply not going to stand for it. they say it was sent in on a barge and that means somebody besides long shore men can take them. this is more than 100 who had a face off with the barge and turned it away. they tried to stop it from being loaded and long shore are in a business spout -- distribute. they say this is their jurisdiction but they are trying to throw its lines to nonunion workers. >> our employer, pacific maritime association is and coming up with a brand-new concept saying barges are not vessels. we asked what was a barge and they are trying to claim it is a bathtub and we disagree.
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>> we don't know if it ever made it but we are behind the gates so we can't tell. more more ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new information out of oklahoma where the tornado death toll is rising. 18 people including 6 children have died since hitting friday. it was the latest in a series since may 19th. our sister station said they are facing more severe weather including thunderstorms today but likely not anymore tornadoes. conservative groups will get their chance to testify about the mistreatment they received at the hands of the internal revenue service. their tax exempt status is
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acknowledging was inappropriate. they are trying to release another report saying internal revenue service spent $50 million on conferences between 2010 and 2012. coming up at 515, how senators are proposing to fix a broken system and why military leaders are calling this the wrong approach. the poles will close it. he resigned in march for gambling away money to. he could get up to a year in jail. now six candidates are on the ballot meaning there could be a runoff and polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 tonight. there are a few other special elections and in marin
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county in the school district, they will decide on extending a tax education and they will decide on a utility user tax and in santa cruz. see how traffic is looking. good morning once again, we are doing well around the bay area and we are looking at the east shore at this time it looks good headed out to the mcarthur maze and no major problems when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza and it is very light and no problems on the road and all of the roadwork has been picked up. no problems through downtown san jose or highway 101, it is a very nice looking drive. let's go to steve.
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room don't blame me for saturday. >> so it is like cool hot and it will stay that way and although it looks like there is others but there is a cooler fog banks gusts up to 30 miles per hour out to the delta and today will be the coolest day as that low is responsible for the cool down and slides into central california and we'll see a warmer pattern. and well inland, no doubt about it, it does not look like an offshore event and they will deal with 60s and 70s. everyone is really close and it is mainly the breeze and
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southwest 24, gusts at napa, or west, it is a cooler apt earn and they will get the delta breeze, they are all associated with that little low which is giving us our cool down. coolest day is today 50s and 60s and very low 80s and these were locationels that were 15 degrees hotter yesterday. we will be warmer but it is not noticeable but you will by thursday and friday and saturday we get another big drop. interesting decisions from another local oakland radar. >> what he thought about the invitation to the white house and what he thought was more
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. welcome back, 5:12 is the time. they say mobile devices can be hacked using a mobile usb
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charger. the team will present it's finings next month. they will pay close attention to cyber security talks between president barack obama and the president of china. they are scheduled to meet and they are accusing them of cyber attacks on american companies. bay area high tech companies like google and others have all been hit from overseas. they will testify about the growing number of sexual assaults. as kyla campbell reports, senators are talking about how to best protect victims.
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>> reporter: dianne finestein estimates 27 sexual assaults alone last year and says there is no doubt change is needed. the senate on services committee will debate how they report sexual assaults. each branch of the military is set to testify and this is a battle about change. top republicans support this and some argue an alleged victim might be forced to report the crime to the very person she is accusing of sexual assault. senator chuck hagel talks about some changes but is not quick to continuing are change it. they are talking about sexual assault in the military and we will dig deeper into the proposals when it i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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oakland raider chris cluey had to turn down an invitation to the white house. the reception is on the last day of minicamp and as much as he would like to go, the team is his pry yourty. -- priority. >> this will be kerry's first trip since becoming secretary of state. he will be at the annual general assembly and they are pushing to limit the drug war strategy. the enforcement of laws disproportionately affect african-americans. they say despite using marijuana at the same rate, blacks are more likely to be
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arrested and the enforcement is a waste of resources and that arrest shows employment opportunities. yesterday police announced the arrest of matthew clifford and an unnamed 17-year-old suspect. they weren't accused of killing two people and they do not believe the killing was gang related. clifford is due in court tomorrow. alameda sheriff's deputies want your help in finding a missing woman of san lorenzo. she is 77 years old and she was last seen yesterday morning at her house. she is driving a white 2003
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toyota camry. new city audit of the housing authority shows the agency is mismanaged and needs lots of changing. they list where the authority can improve and they have not updated public housing and does not evict tenants who are late on rent. they were supposed to hire maintenance workers and have not and because of that they have missed out on income. they are license inning american lives even marriage and they report more than 1/3 of recent marriages started as online relationship. they say they are less likely to break up and they are happier than people who met in person first. but there are questions about the site since it was managed
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by e.harmony. it is costing him $2 million in fines. they built a $10 million wedding site which looked more like a movie set with ponds and cottages. he was fined because of the area being ecologically sensitive and he didn't have the proper permits to build there. 5:18 is the time, sal, how is traffic this morning? >> oh, it is lovely pam and brian. traffic is doing very well if you are driving north, it is also light 0 -- getting up to san jose. we have been looking at all the bridges and, it is light.
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and from east shore from vallejo to panola, the carquinez looks good and so does the venetia bridges. >> the venetia martinez bridges are breezy and we have a low moving in which is also helping to pick up the fog bank and a hot weekend not only this and this is a big cool down and it looks like we will level off here. >> it is not open and anything over 25, it means we are done and that's a strong on shore wind. west at napa west at oakland, everything is coming from the direction it is coming from.
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either west or northwest and a lot of low clouds in place as well, 45 up in reno and a lot of low clouds and they were really socked in and you can see the low cloud deck and windy at times, today will be the coolest day, there will still be some 80s, way inland and today they are going to rack it up towards the end of the week. today a lot of 60s and 70s, thursday it gets warmer and hot on friday and stockton and vacaville it looks like it comes back down sunday and monday. all the major report are cutting back on economic stimulus programs. japan's nikkei gained 2%
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and china locked 1%. checking in on our futures they indicate a higher opening at this point. pretty good day with the dow jones industrial average posting 138 point gain and nasdaq and s&p 500 is also up. keep an eye on zynga, they are eliminating 28% of their workforce. they laid off workers and you can see them moving outright away. they are expecting to lose 38 million this month which is tough than early forecasts. google is adding a new restriction to what users can see. ♪
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. time now 5:24, google shut down within an hour of being announced. google officially banned eye wear and that's after the adult app store released an app that would allow them to view it with google glass. they do not like hate speech on
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glass. and he is accused of sexually abusing children. is has 15 counts including rape. investigators say they believe there are more victims and they are asking them to contact the contra costa sheriff's office. there is already a big problem on the bridge because some of the led lights are not working properly. they are either stuck in the on position or will not work at all. >> this is a major art installation which is in a very challenging environment, 500 feet in the air, salty air and rain and there are many problems. >> they are scheduled to light
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up the bridge every night for the next two years. it was ban in california but a donut shop is getting ready to giveaway donuts with duck liver and goose meat, he said he can get around it by giving them away instead of selling them. >> it does not sound like something i will eat for breakfast. >> i will get the traditional donut. let's see what we have on northbound 280 getting to highway 17 and it looks good, no problems on 17 itself and down to the valley and southbound 680 sunole grade looks good into pleasanton and san jose. >> a lot of low clouds are in place and a decent sea breeze
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is good out to the delta and san pablo bay 50s and 60s and a good warm up and we will get to that in about five minutes. a big piece of alameda is being returned and they plan to redevelop the formal air space. live in palo alto where police are warning joggers about a groper on the loose and we will tell you what they are looking for and what the department is looking for. live wires in east oakland, we have a live picture at the scene and we will take you there next. ♪
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. welcome back, it is june 4th, dave clark is off today. >> we have a much cooler breeze today. today is the coolest day. well, i mean you know. it is nice to be cool and today will be cool weatherwise and we have a really strong sea breeze, here is sal. >> traffic looks good heading to the toll plaza out to san francisco and we are looking at the commute on the san
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francisco freeways, this is new video with a car and pick up truck. there are no reports of injuries and we have damage at least to a few vehicles here. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news in east oakland where a driver was shot and then crashed into a power pole taking out power and katie joins us from the scene with new pictures taken right after the crash, katie? >> reporter: i just want to update you with the fact that pg&e is working to restore power hours later and you can see the work they are doing and they are trying to remove that power pole from the tree and it is dangling and laying on power
5:32 am
lines. neighbors have roomily cleared the area and gave me photos of a van filled with bullets. all the windows seemed to be broke an and the airbags had come out. >> reporter: now police say the driver was shot before 11:30 last night on maddux drive in brooksville village he ran into a power pole and live wires fell from above and that driver died of gunshot wounds. pg&e has restored power to many customers and the neighborty
5:33 am
spoke with tells me, he described the crash sounding like a bomb. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you, new this morning, all lanes have opened after being blocked by a rock slide overnight. roxanne debris came -- rocks and debris came cracking on to the road and it caused one driver to lose control. she didn't see the rocks until it was too late. >> a thick rock rock -- and -- thick rocks hit the driver but the driver does not seem to be seriously hurt. 63-year-old runner was a long distance runner who
5:34 am
competed in the most challenging -- challenging runs. he participated in a race and his body was found down an embankment. >> this is something he truly loved to do and it is is a small amount of solace for us to think he did something he truly loved. >> a public viewing will be held from 3:00 until 8:00 this evening at hallstead and gray funeral home from 1:00 to 6:00. she was attacked on a permanent trail. live where police are stepping up enforcement. temperature happened here and this attract happened until
5:35 am
broad daylight. she told police she noticed a man following her several times she noticed him and hoped he would stop and then he jumped on her and tried tackling her to the ground. he groped her and she managed to run away and so did the suspect. they are looking at the three mile loop area which is near the preserve and golf course. >> they are agotively working this area because this is not the kind of thing that happens every day and we take it very seriously and as a matter of fact we are stepping up patrols to make our presence known so there is not any more of these kind of crimes. >> officers say 2 bicyclists stopped after the attack and he wants the witnesses to get in
5:36 am
touch with him because they have helpful information. the suspect is described as latino or a black bi-racial man, 20 years old, 5-foot 8 inches tall and we are told he has black buzzed hair and was clean shaven and was wearing blue shorts and a white t- shirt. coming up, we will tell you what another witness reported which is related to this case. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. hotter temperatures are on the way and yesterday firefighters and cal fire responded to a grass fire near happy park and zoo. several acres burned before it was brought under control and firefighters had to call in volunteers as well. >> we had four requests for assistance and i don't remember that happening since i have
5:37 am
been a member for 30 years. >> so far this-year-old firefighters around the state have battled more than 2000 wildfires and that's 60% more than last year. and firefighters are gaping ground -- gaining ground on a fire north of l.a evacuations are asked in the areas and they still can't go home. firefighters are hoping cooler temperatures and light you are winds today will help them continue to make progress. alameda is becoming hole again for the first time in 77 years the city is regaining control of alameda point and land was give to the government and used as a navel air station. they make up about a third and
5:38 am
it will create thousands of jobs 964 people were hit by cars last year and that's the highest number of the pedestrians since 2000. they are trying to change city codes to allow for wider sidewalks and improve intersectionings. a full vote by the board of supervisors could come next week. sal, how is it looking out there? >> things are okay and pg&e has been called to the bay view keith and oak dale area. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. not a bad commute with no major problems coming into the city and also if you are driving on
5:39 am
interstate 880, it looks good in both directions and if you are driving on the nimitz or east shore freeway, they are also doing well. good morning, we have a little more thunderstorm activity which is giving us more. that is below average and napa and san jose is downtown 0 to a cool, comfortable testimony amount and this is gaving us an on shore wind . a hot weekend last week end and after that, we started with hot sun, south
5:40 am
of chuck e.but for us a low cloud deck, 50s on the temperatures and they are not moving much and i doubt they will, the nights are short now, 24 gusting to 30, napa west, i mean santa rosa with a south wind, that is a cooler pattern, mainly a northwest wind in place and clouds will fall and start to warm up and windy conditions will continue for some and it will be a blustery day with some very low 80s and after that we get near average tomorrow especially saturday, and there could be some 104s out by stockton. they are being told after breaking sending hundreds of people rushing to higher ground. higher waters are expected
5:41 am
through thursday. and legend deacon jones has died. they say he died of natural causes in california. he was known for knocking down quarterbacks and coined the term sack. he led the fierce four some and deacon jones was 74. >> i don't know he coined that term. interesting. >> tainted berries sold at costco, a bay area breakout for hepatitis. and traffic looks good coming to the willow pass grade, we will tell you more straight ahead.
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. good morning, a lot of low winds around clouds and even some lower 80s and after today we start another warm up. here are some of the top stories. they say a driver was shot before 11:30 last night in brookfield village. he ran into a power pole. pg&e has restored power to all but 20 customers this morning. we are involved in a labor distribute where 100 long shoremen are arguing over who can load cargo by sending it on a barge rather than a ship. and they are looking into the number of sexual assaults in the military and the leaders of all branches will testify.
5:45 am
oscar pistorius made his first public appearance during a trial in south africa. during a hearing a judge postponed his trial allowing the prosecution to investigate. now the double amputee is accused of killing his girlfriend on valentine's day. he shot and killed her by mistake he said thinking she was an intruder. they are expected to appear in court and the hearing could go one of two ways. he will let the suspect change his plea by reason of insanity and it is also possible his lawyers could ask the state supreme court hear their argument on the plea that those are unconstitutional and that could delay the case longer. >> they are interested to hearing the california ban on
5:46 am
same-sex marriage. they did not hand down a ban and a decision is expected and they have several options including upholding or overturning the ban and justices could decide they had no standing to challenge a reversal the ban or leave it in place to overturn it. >> we contribute to society. we love each other and we look forward to the day that we are not stressed and attacked by others. >> the court is expected to rule on the defensive acts not receiving the federal benefits. this allows them to call for serious crimes and they are already on the books in california and several other
5:47 am
states. it happened saturday night at 9:00 onwarden avenue -- on warden avenue. four men forced their way in. shots were fired but nobody was hit and they got away with undisclosed items. they are average being the police department to help with fighting crime. she wrote a letter urging him to get help from the chp to boost city patrol but the police department said they do not need outside help. they put more than 40 extra officers on patrol after the homicide. and they are reporting another case of hepatitis a linked to frozen berries. they are saying only an adult was hospitalized and later released and that case is
5:48 am
linked to the berry blend but possible risks are everywhere. >> you have to be choosy and be careful what you buy. >> costco has pulled all of the buries out of its stores but there is no official recall. anybody who pout them should come up with a number and up side was used when neighbors expressed concern about the chemical but they are considering using this and they will make the final decision on whether this chemical can be used. he plans on retiring and he was first elected to the state
5:49 am
assembly back in 1973. he was the state assembly before becoming state attorney general. he is plowed of his accomplishment including the san francisco bay trail. >> as a legislator, myels bills are my baby. >> his wife was forced to resign after her arrest on drug charges an extra marital affair and he said those changes did not play a role in his decision to retire. they will be talking fashion and coming up, what she gave to the network bravo. it looks good out there and traffic is beginning to wake up but we don't have any huge backups and let's look at what
5:50 am
we have on the east shore. certainly more people are coming through as we come to the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic on 80 westbound, usually it is showing a lot of slowed traffic on 101 and 285. let's go to steve. west with a little bit of thunderstorm activity, it is collapsing and picking up over the central sierra and i don't think they will change much. sin trail california has enhanced our fog bank and as it goes through, it will enhance. 50s and 60s but by friday,
5:51 am
vacaville, antioch, this 90sand by saturday it is a cooler pattern for everybody. my forecast goes from redford to raleigh to redding and it is windy in california. fog sun, cooler very low 80s around here and temperatures will bottom out and they are below average and thursday looks warmer, warm to hot and then it cools down sunday and monday. this is after the just department where they are trying to push amazon ought of the field. apple said there was not much competition when they entered
5:52 am
the market. it was up 8-point 5% topping $40 billion exports increase 1.2% and that was offsby an increase and the trade deficit tried jumping to $24 billion. the warm is on the move again. they could face a tax tripledelled during the first few weeks and the twoee vends are used by spammers to gain access to network. they are one of their favorite product the but it led to a recall last march.
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and the america cup, how it could have an impact on san francisco's economy. goodnight.
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email.
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(speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. . it is cooler today, 60s and 70s for many. well, i think fans from the
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miami heat are excited and that's because the team is headed back and fans gathered in the streets of miami ernighand they will take on home court advantage when think take on san antonio spurs this tuesday. sweden will decide whether to compete in the america's cup. one of the sailors died during a training session on the san francisco bay and it also means the race schedule will be short ended possibly lessening the economic impact for the bay area. yesterday hillary rodham clinton pitched a new reality tip show, project pants suit. she made the comment with two
5:57 am
executives in an effort to honor fashion and oscar deloren is long been hailed for doing a great job. they brought in a new team to fix the prm and they are getting the pants back into the stores and others have continued to sell well. >> that is good. >> yes, they do. >> time now 5:57 sal is keeping an eye on traffic, how is it looking? >> northbound 208 traffic looks very nice getting up into the valley and if you have an early meeting traffic will not stand in your way, same thing for 680 on the sunole grade it is a nice drive, let's go back to you. oklahoma begins another day of those missing after
5:58 am
tornadoes. new information on the storm from last week and the new one bear being downright now. ba it last? morning, big fog we will have your temperatures coming right up. luscious locks there's an entire land here...with living cars. now this is flying... with style. great glittering galaxies. disneyland resort just got happier, see it all with a 3-day park hopper ticket. i now appear to be lost in a deep dark cave...
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. good morning, we have developing news out of oakland, one man is dead after a shooting and car crash, how this incident is still affecting people in the neighborhood in another way. we are live where long shoremen refuse to allow a barge to pull up to the docks, we will explain why next. and death toll rises after a deadly week of tornadoes and there is new danger facing the people there this morning. what one man did to another woman on a popular trail is outrageous. we will tell you what he did and who police are looking for. complete news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. . good morning everybody, it is tuesday june 4th, i am brian flores, dave clark is off today. let's start with steve, it is


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